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Service Improvements: Sasine Application Form

On the 9th of January we will release a new online Sasine Application Form. The printed PDF is statutory, so remains largely the same, but we have updated the online service for completing the form in line with our new design system. The new design maximises usability for all and meets modern accessibility standards.

The key benefits include:

  • Faster to complete
  • Less typing required
  • Better guidance and validation
  • Reduced chance of error
  • Reduced paper consumption

What’s changed?

Auto-population of firm details
Previously you had to provide your firm’s name, address and FAS number. These details will now populate automatically, saving time and avoiding errors.

Auto-suggestion of deed name
Previously you had to enter the deed name in full. The form now suggests deeds as you type.

screenshot showing auto suggestion of deed name


Consideration & value not requested when not required
A consideration is no longer required for any sasine application, so the new form won’t ask you for it. A value is only required for a small number of deed types, so the value field will only appear when you have selected one of these. When not required these fields will be populated with ‘Not required’ on the downloaded PDF.

Search for addresses by post code
Previously you had to specify subjects and designations manually. You can now search for addresses by post code.

screen shot of search for addresses by post code

Reuse of addresses
Previously when parties resided at the subjects, you had to provide the same address multiple times. Now the subjects can be selected for the granter or applicant address with a single click.

Saving and editing of draft forms
You can save a link that you (or your colleagues) can use to save a draft and continue work at a later date, in a similar way to the online Land Register Application form – and if you spot an error after you’ve printed your form you’ll still be able to amend and reprint it.

Fee calculation
The fee will be calculated when you ‘Finish’ your form, to ensure any changes to the content used to calculate the fee are taken into account. The fee will be displayed on the confirmation screen so you can check it before you download your form.

Screenshot of fee calculation notification

Removal of additional pages from PDF form
Where previously applications featuring more than two subjects, applicants and/or granters generated additional pages appended to the form, this information is now included in the relevant sections of the main form.

Share your thoughts

We’re always looking to improve our services based on customer feedback. So if you have any comments on these changes or other services, please use the feedback feature found on the specific webpage, or contact our customer services team.

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