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New – Land register application form dashboard

We’ve just released an exciting new feature for customers – a dashboard for online land register application forms.

Key benefits:

  • See all your land register forms in one place, with key information displayed
  • Access your saved forms directly, with no need to save the link for each form individually
  • Create a copy – If you discover a mistake after downloading, or if your application is rejected, you can create a new version of the form populated with all the existing information, so there is no need to complete the entire form again
  • Create multiple forms with similar content – you can create a copy of a form and use it as a template for subsequent forms of the same type
  • Ordered by last updated date – see the last form you were working on at the top of the list
  • The date you created your form is shown, so you’ll know when the 180 day expiry period is coming up

Screenshot of dashboard


The dashboard is additional to the existing online land register application form which hasn’t changed, and using it is optional so you won’t have to change your ways of working. During user research, customers told us they believed that using it would help improve their processes, so we’d encourage everyone to take a look and let us know what you think

You can access the dashboard from the link on the Online Services home page:

Online services homepage with dashboard link


We’re very keen to find out what our customers think of this new service so that we can extend and improve it, please use the feedback link at the top of the form to tell us your thoughts.

If you have any queries about this new service please contact the Customer Services team

2 thoughts on “New – Land register application form dashboard

  1. Great feature being able to copy and then amend previous Applications for Registration as I deal with high volume transaction for new build clients.

  2. This will be a fantastic feature and make life so much easier having forms in one place and being able to amend without starting all over again etc.

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