Keeper’s Blog // Festival of 400

Last month, RoS celebrated a full week of events to mark our 400th anniversary: our Festival of 400.  Not many organisations get to celebrate such a landmark occasion and it is an honour to be leading RoS in this special year.  It was an amazing week that included events and activities that celebrated our history, our achievements and our staff. I was delighted to welcome … Continue reading Keeper’s Blog // Festival of 400

A change that adds value!

Blog by Fiona McKie, Head of Innovation and  Ashley Whitecross, Innovation Centre Manager at RoS This month we were very fortunate to have Jodi Cant visit us here at RoS. Jodi is the Chief Executive of Landgate, Western Australia and, most importantly for us, the driving force behind Landgate’s approach to innovation. It was a perfectly timed visit from Jodi as we are currently going through … Continue reading A change that adds value!

Business transformation, down under!

Blog post by Stef Brown, Head of Business Development at the Registers of Scotland. This week I’m speaking at The Land Registrars Development Officers’ Conference (LRDOC) in Perth, Western Australia, on the RoS business transformation.  Delegates attend from across Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore. Despite the geographical distance between RoS and these other land registration authorities there are striking similarities in our markets … Continue reading Business transformation, down under!

Events and Marketing team – ASSEMBLE!

Blog by Caroline Craig, Events and Marketing Officer here at RoS With several event successes under our belt – including a scorching charity golf tournament, a busy job fair and a week-long celebration of our 400th anniversary – it was time we came together to create a master plan. On 3 July the events and marketing team took some time away from mission control and … Continue reading Events and Marketing team – ASSEMBLE!

My week at Registers of Scotland

My name is Jamie Booth, and I have spent the last week in Registers of Scotland completing my work experience. I am a fourth-year student at George Heriot’s School, having just sat my National 5 (what would have previously been known as Standard Grade) exams. Throughout our years at school, Heriots make us embark on two separate weeks of work experience – this being my … Continue reading My week at Registers of Scotland

Why voluntary land registration makes sense for commercial property owners

Russell Wilson, lead voluntary registration advisor for the commercial sector, gives us an insight into why increasing numbers of commercial property owners are choosing to move their titles to the Land Register of Scotland. With the land register due to replace the 400-year-old General Register of Sasines by 2024, owners of land and property across all sectors have the opportunity to move their property titles … Continue reading Why voluntary land registration makes sense for commercial property owners

RoS mapping – how can we make it better?

Blog by Chris McDermott, Agile Coach here at RoS The challenge On 9 May an ad was posted on our intranet asking for volunteers who had “fresh ideas, willing to offer feedback, make suggestions and challenge current practices” that would like to be part of a new mapping group that would be tasked with taking forward the ‘capture once’ principle. Capture once, as a principle, … Continue reading RoS mapping – how can we make it better?