Message from the Keeper – October 2017

Life at RoS has been anything but dull over the last few weeks, with our work continuing apace. For me, the two highlights were the launch of ScotLIS last week and hosting the Registrars of Title Conference 2017 in Edinburgh. ScotLIS, which was delivered on time and on budget – meeting ministerial targets – is a key component of Registers of Scotland’s digital transformation. It … Continue reading Message from the Keeper – October 2017

Recording Scotland’s haunted properties

It’s Halloween – the perfect time for a ghost story. At RoS, with thousands of properties and centuries of history on our registers, we have more than a few to share – read on for some spooky stories to get you in the Halloween spirit (pun intended). Edinburgh Castle With almost a thousand years of history behind its walls, it’s unsurprising that Edinburgh Castle makes … Continue reading Recording Scotland’s haunted properties

Completing Scotland’s land register – a progress update

By Hugh Welsh, head of land register completion The completion of the Land Register of Scotland is an exciting and challenging piece of work. The culmination of this will be a national asset that will bring benefit to everyone in Scotland. As of December 2017, land register coverage stands at over 64.4 per cent of titles and over 30.90 per cent of land mass. In … Continue reading Completing Scotland’s land register – a progress update

Can’t beat a beta day!

ScotLIS testing in the Scottish Highlands As the private beta phase of Scotland’s brand new land information service finishes and the development moves into its next stage, the team travelled to the Highlands, to Inverness, to do some ‘beta’ research. Following on from the alpha day workshop which took place in August while the product was in the alpha phase of development, the trip to … Continue reading Can’t beat a beta day!

DDS welcomes Nationwide Building Society

Blog post by Kevin Stewart, RoS Since its launch earlier this year, our Digital Discharge Service (DDS) has been enthusiastically received by solicitors and lenders alike. DDS increases efficiency and security in the mortgage security discharge process by replacing the existing paper-based system with one that is entirely digital. On the 30th of October, we will welcome another important firm to DDS as Nationwide Building … Continue reading DDS welcomes Nationwide Building Society

On our registers: The Queensferry Crossing

Scotland is celebrating the historic opening of the new bridge across the Firth of Forth, the Queensferry Crossing. To get a closer look at the new bridge, we examined its title and the information it holds. It may seem like just maps and words, but behind these descriptions is a rather unique registered title, as you might well expect. Read on to find out more. … Continue reading On our registers: The Queensferry Crossing

A day in the life… of a scrum master

Welcome to ‘a day in the life of’, a series of blogs going behind the scenes in Registers of Scotland (RoS) where we speak to staff in various departments across the organisation to find out a bit more about what they do. First up is Adam Elghazi, scrum master! Hi Adam, thanks for agreeing to tell us a bit about what you do here! Q. … Continue reading A day in the life… of a scrum master