Registrars of Title Conference 2018

Earlier in the month Keith Taylor (who leads our Buying and Selling team) and I travelled to Australia to attend the 3 day combined Registrars of Title Conference and the Land Registration Development Officers conference. Upon landing in Canberra we were asked by the immigration officer why we were travelling to Australia? We explained, and he asked if it was going to be an interesting … Continue reading Registrars of Title Conference 2018

Business transformation, down under!

Blog post by Stef Brown, Head of Business Development at the Registers of Scotland. This week I’m speaking at The Land Registrars Development Officers’ Conference (LRDOC) in Perth, Western Australia, on the RoS business transformation.  Delegates attend from across Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore. Despite the geographical distance between RoS and these other land registration authorities there are striking similarities in our markets … Continue reading Business transformation, down under!