Customers welcome digital solutions

I am sending you this update to outline how Registers of Scotland (RoS) continue to support businesses and customers in response to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) health crisis. Key messages this month: Please submit documents via the Digital Submissions Service if you have them available More positive progress on Sasines Proposed extension to emergency legislation Digital Solutions As most of you will be aware, during lockdown … Continue reading Customers welcome digital solutions

Message from the Keeper: February 2020

Watching the recent Six Nations Rugby championships reminded me that talent, flair and confidence in your abilities are all well and good, but the key to bringing those elements together is how you work in collaboration. Any rugby coach will tell you that when you’re part of a team that is pulling together, you can accomplish wonders. In work terms, the ability to collaborate on … Continue reading Message from the Keeper: February 2020

New – Land register application form dashboard

We’ve just released an exciting new feature for customers – a dashboard for online land register application forms. Key benefits: See all your land register forms in one place, with key information displayed Access your saved forms directly, with no need to save the link for each form individually Create a copy – If you discover a mistake after downloading, or if your application is … Continue reading New – Land register application form dashboard

ScotLIS new search by map feature now available

We’ve introduced an interactive ‘search by map’ feature on ScotLIS to help you easily locate and find information on land or property without the need for a postcode or title number. Simply click on ‘search by map’ at the top of the homepage and you’ll be directed to a map which navigates to your current location if geolocation is enabled on your device. You can … Continue reading ScotLIS new search by map feature now available

Our Customer Satisfaction Survey

As the Corporate Plan 2019-24 beds in, we can start to measure how the various activities we have committed to are being received by customers. So much of what we do comes back to our customer focussed corporate value and our strategic objective of making improvements that have a positive impact on customer experience. How do we measure customer satisfaction? One of the ways we … Continue reading Our Customer Satisfaction Survey

Redesigning our approved developments search

Blog post by Oli Kass, Digital Manager. Our approved developments listing houses a searchable database of development plan PDFs. Solicitors and developers use these plans to confirm that developments are to be built on land that a developer owns. Reviewing this content when moving from our legacy site to the new was a big challenge. The content had to better address user needs and … Continue reading Redesigning our approved developments search