Season’s greetings

Stay up to date with everything happening at Registers of Scotland (RoS) with our monthly update. Key messages: The Keeper’s Christmas update Application record re-opening Geovation Christmas message With the year drawing to a close it is time for my annual Christmas message. I would like to thank all our customers and stakeholders for their support throughout 2020. It has been a year that none … Continue reading Season’s greetings

Unlocking the Sasine: part 1

Blog post by Alan Howie, Chief Data Officer at RoS. Welcome back and congratulations to all that managed through my last lengthy blog post, answering questions around our “Unlocking Sasines” investigation. Trust me – this one will be shorter but get that strong coffee ready just in case! So, this quick blog is all about our progress in the last month with the “part 1” … Continue reading Unlocking the Sasine: part 1

Jayne Scott – reflections of a departing Non-Executive Director

“The role of the Non-Executive Director at Registers of Scotland has arguably never been more important.” “I didn’t want to become part of the brickwork”, jokes Jayne Scott, who recently decided to step down after eight years as a Non-Executive Director on the Registers of Scotland (RoS) Board and Chair of the Registers of Scotland (RoS) Audit Committee. “I’m a firm believer that it is … Continue reading Jayne Scott – reflections of a departing Non-Executive Director

Our 2019-20

Accountable Officer Janet Egdell gives a short overview of our 2019-20 Annual Report and Accounts. Last week we published our 2019-20 Annual Report and Accounts, giving an outline of our key business activities and performance over the past financial year. During a year in which we received over 700,000 applications for registration, the report highlights many successes for RoS in 2019-20. These include increasing our … Continue reading Our 2019-20

Customers welcome digital solutions

I am sending you this update to outline how Registers of Scotland (RoS) continue to support businesses and customers in response to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) health crisis. Key messages this month: Please submit documents via the Digital Submissions Service if you have them available More positive progress on Sasines Proposed extension to emergency legislation Digital Solutions As most of you will be aware, during lockdown … Continue reading Customers welcome digital solutions

RoS supporting the recovery

I’m continuing to send you regular updates to outline the measures that Registers of Scotland (RoS) are taking in response to the ongoing public health emergency and how these measures have been helping businesses and customers. For clarity, our buildings remain closed and we are therefore not accepting paper applications or personal presentments at our offices, but we have implemented a range of solutions (detailed … Continue reading RoS supporting the recovery