RoS approach to Qualified Electronic Signatures

RoS’ approach to the acceptance of electronically signed deeds has been intertwined with the creation, signing and submission of structured deeds within our systems. In other words, RoS have always envisaged obtaining operational benefits (through automation and re-use of data) from the introduction of a digital registration service in parallel with opening up the land register to electronically signed deeds. A query received, which suggested, … Continue reading RoS approach to Qualified Electronic Signatures

Tackling the arrear

Although the vast majority of Registers of Scotland’s work is completed within our service standards, we have publicly recognised that this is not the case for all our work. We therefore have an arrear of cases which have fallen outside service standard. We think this is unacceptable. Prior to the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic we were making strong progress towards completing our more … Continue reading Tackling the arrear

Moving to the cloud: five lessons learned

In 2019, Registers of Scotland (RoS) set out a transformative strategy outlining why registration should be moved to the cloud. In this blog – which is the second in a short series about our cloud journey – our Head of IT Service Paul Christie sets out lessons learned so far. Moving to the cloud is a significant undertaking for any business and one which has … Continue reading Moving to the cloud: five lessons learned

Catch up with RoS

Stay up to date with everything happening at Registers of Scotland (RoS) with our monthly update. This is a bumper edition covering the period from the end of March to the end of May. Key messages: Corporate Plan 2021-2026 Future of Conveyancing Conference – spaces now limited Register Land and Property – update New Register of Persons Holding a Controlled Interest in Land Equalities mainstreaming … Continue reading Catch up with RoS

Unlocking the Sasine – the discovery phase

Blog post by Fi McKie, Head of Land Register Completion Discovery The team and I who are working on ‘Unlocking the Sasine’ are right in the middle of what I would describe as the fuzzy front end of innovation or (more often known as) discovery. It’s fuzzy as it’s not always a comfortable space to be, right at the start trying to figure it all … Continue reading Unlocking the Sasine – the discovery phase

Supporting our customers: an update

Thanks to Mr Maguire for his message on my previous blog post. I do appreciate it when people take the time to get in touch with their thoughts. Having good, regular communication with the legal profession is something I feel very strongly about as it helps us understand more fully the context in which land registration operates and the wider implications of our actions. While … Continue reading Supporting our customers: an update