Our Customer Satisfaction Survey

As the Corporate Plan 2019-24 beds in, we can start to measure how the various activities we have committed to are being received by customers. So much of what we do comes back to our customer focussed corporate value and our strategic objective of making improvements that have a positive impact on customer experience. How do we measure customer satisfaction? One of the ways we … Continue reading Our Customer Satisfaction Survey

#RegistersAtoZ: Who we are, from Archives to Zetland!

Following on from the landmark anniversary of the General Register of Sasines in 2017 — celebrating 400 years of land registration in Scotland — we want to continue sharing what makes our organisation unique. To highlight our talented teams, business transformation and the digital services we’re developing for people of Scotland, we’re launching a new digital campaign: #RegistersAtoZ. Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing … Continue reading #RegistersAtoZ: Who we are, from Archives to Zetland!