#TheKeeper – The Great Seal of Scotland

Blog is by Sheenagh Adams, Keeper of the Registers of Scotland.

I will be present today when Nicola Sturgeon is sworn in for the second time as the first minister of Scotland. It’s a historic moment, and one that I am incredibly proud to be part of. But this isn’t a social visit. In my role as Keeper of the Registers of Scotland, I am also Deputy Keeper of the Scottish Seal, and I have a statutory duty to attend and ensure that the Scottish Seal is there too.

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Making history

Blog by Janet Egdell, Operations director and accountable officer at Registers of Scotland. What an exciting way to end our financial year here at RoS. We’ve just despatched the very last two cases under the Land Registration (Scotland) Act 1979 – one was a first registration, and the other was a transfer of part. Completing all the old casework has been a phenomenal achievement. When the … Continue reading Making history

The twelve days of Christmas – #TheKeeper style

Tis the season to be jolly!  And I actually do feel jolly, which is not necessarily my default setting in the run up to Christmas. So, why the jollity? On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me not a partridge in a pear tree, but my annual keeper’s Christmas reception. It was a great opportunity to relax with colleagues, customers and … Continue reading The twelve days of Christmas – #TheKeeper style

#TheKeeper in Singapore – all about people

Blog by Sheenagh Adams, Keeper of the Registers of Scotland. Another interesting day in Singapore with the main focus in the morning on e-conveyancing in the Australian states and Mauritius. It was useful to hear about their progress given the aspirations of the Law Society of Scotland. In the afternoon we turned our attention to 3D cadastral mapping in Queensland and Singapore. They are both … Continue reading #TheKeeper in Singapore – all about people

#TheKeeper in Singapore – Reflections

This blog post is by Sheenagh Adams, Keeper of the Registers of Scotland. Packing to come home always provides an opportunity for reflection, whether it be from a business trip or a holiday. Last Friday, when I arrived in Singapore, I watched the events unfold in Paris with a sense of shock and despair. Tonight, I have the same feelings watching the BBC World News … Continue reading #TheKeeper in Singapore – Reflections