Looking ahead to 2021

Stay up to date with everything happening at Registers of Scotland (RoS) with our monthly update. Key messages: Re-opening the application record Digital Submissions consultation closes on 01 Feb 2021 RCI (Registers of Persons Holding a Controlled Interest in Land) Read the latest blog on our enhanced approach to Sasines Top tips to avoid rejections Fee Review Consultation Non-Executive Director recruitment Re-opening the application record … Continue reading Looking ahead to 2021

Unlocking the Sasine – the discovery phase

Blog post by Fi McKie, Head of Land Register Completion Discovery The team and I who are working on ‘Unlocking the Sasine’ are right in the middle of what I would describe as the fuzzy front end of innovation or (more often known as) discovery. It’s fuzzy as it’s not always a comfortable space to be, right at the start trying to figure it all … Continue reading Unlocking the Sasine – the discovery phase